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Meet Chef Kari Millett
Helping People Become Healthier

My name is Chef Kari Millett, and I have a Passion for Helping People Become Healthier, one baby step at a time, whether it's personally Creating Recipes for you to make a Quick Breakfast, teaching you Healthy Swap options, showing you how to cook One Sheet Tray Suppers, or having a friends' night and learning and tasting 4 Healthy Sweet Treat recipes. My Passion Shines when I am in front of people Teaching simple Techniques and Delicious Flavors while Cooking in a Healthier Way.


Due to Personal and Business Development, I have decided not to participate at the Farmers Market Summer and Fall seasons in 2020.

I have been Focusing my attention on:

  • Creating and Editing Healthy Cooking Videos and Publishing on my YouTube Channel!

  • Filming Myself using multiple Cooking Techniques and more for my Cooking Course Online! 

  • Creating Content and eBooks for Online Classes!

  • Developing Recipes and Posting Cooking Tips on my Eye Candy Page!

I Appreciate all Your Patience as I make this Transition from Offering a Healthy Snack with my Healthy Delights to the Community to....

Inspire 10,000 people with a ‘Home is Where the Kitchen is’ Approach to Gaining Confidence and the Ability to Eliminate any Intimidation around Healthy and Efficient Cooking; Embracing that Spark and Rising from the Kitchen to Shine Brightly on the World by 2023.


Make sure to Like and Follow my Facebook Page. Cooking Videos will be starting soon! After liking my Facebook Page, send me a message through Messenger and Receive 5 Free Recipes from me as a Thank You.

About Chef Kari Millett

Chef Kari Millett is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach who will guide you towards reducing stress in your life and boosting your energy through weekly coaching sessions. This business allows her to merge her coaching and cooking passions together. She has her Health Coaching Certification, is currently working on her Masters, and has been working in professional kitchens for over 5 years.

She uses her experience from working in professionals kitchens, along with her passion for deliciously healthy cooking, to craft your personalized food recipes to put in your own food log. She is a huge support and cheerleader when it comes to leading you towards achieving your personal goals, whether they are dietary based or in other aspects of your life.

"I blend my passion for cooking with coaching to help you achieve your health goals and desires." - Kari

Helping You Become a Healthier You,
One Tweak at a Time.

Helping you redeem your personal power so you can have a healthier eating and living lifestyle.