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Friends' Night In

Host a Cooking Class (Minimum of 5 people total)

Classes I'm Offering Currently:

  • 4 Healthy Treats and Eats

  • 4 Healthy Energy Boosting Snacks

  • 4 Quick Breakfast Ideas

Perks of Being a Host:

  • Free class attendance, regularly $10 a person.

  • Receive a Bakers Dozen of your choice of 1 of my 5 Signature Healthy Delights

  • Exclusive offer to have 33% off a Kickstart Kitchen Service, regularly $75, for the host $50.

Have an idea of a class that would like me to add, send me a message and request a class today.

Brunch Date

Hosting a Business Meeting or Friends' Time (Maximum of 16 people)

Treats I'm Offering to Provide:

  • Lemon Zested Blueberry Mini Scones

  • Orange Zested Carrot Cake Mini Scones

  • Blueberry Bagels with Strawberry Honey Butter



All appointments can be made by emailing me at with at least 3 weeks in advance for scheduling and labor reasons. I look forward to Meeting You and your Loved Ones. Creating a Healthier You Can Be a journey With Supportive and Compassionate people With You, One baby step at a time.



Making Apple Pie


Kickstart Kitchen Service

I, Chef Kari Millett, have recently rolled out a service called Kickstart Kitchen Service. This service allows you to work with a Chef to help improve your lifestyle to be healthier.

  • This process begins by me taking a trip to your home and to observe your kitchen (pantry, fridge, freezer, and equipment).
    I will get to know your eating routine and habits, dietary needs, and personal goals.

  • The next step is to email you my recommendations for food or brand swaps, guidelines to your goals, and healthier meal ideas. A phone call will take place to educate you on how to enhance your dietary needs and eating lifestyle. Questions regarding my email will also be discussed during this call.

  • The final step is to give you a tour of how to shop for yourself or family in a healthier manner at your choice of the following: a grocery store you typically go to, a farmers’ market, or a local coop store.
    At the end of this tour, you will a better understanding of how to read food labels, where the healthier food choices are, and more confidence in yourself in how to attain a healthier eating lifestyle.

3 One-on-One Sessions with a Chef Valued at $75!
Make an Investment to a Healthier Lifestyle Today!
Schedule an appointment by email or by signing up below.
Chef Kari Millett, 952.426.5265,

Helping you redeem your personal power so you can have a healthier eating and living lifestyle.