She graduated at South Senior High school in 2009. She continued her education majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management, focusing on food service, minoring in Business Administration atUniversity of Wisconsin - Stout. She obtained her Bachelor Degree of Science in 2015. She is nearly finished with her Becoming a Health Coach Certification and is currently working on her Health Coach Mastery!

Chicken Shish Kebab
Work History

Her first job was volunteering at a restaurant called First Course in south Mpls for 8 months, driving 80 miles one way, every weekend to get her foot in the door while attending college. She worked there for a year and half and made a change and got accepted to be an intern at the Lutsen Hotel Resort up by Grand Marais. After working there a tad longer than a summer, she obtained a job as a Prep Cook in downtown St. Paul at Kincaids. She gained knowledge about cooking and baking techniques, along with how to cook sauces and meat proteins. She continued her journey to Stillwater at Danny's Bar & Grill, part of Stoneridge Golf Course, as a Line Cook. Occasionally, the Chef requested assistance to help cater weddings and parties throughout the summer. Towards the end of the winter, she got hired as a Line Cook at The St. Paul Grill. There she fed an average of 250 people and cook family meal for the restaurant staff just about every time she worked. Getting rave reviews from the staff about her family meal cooking, gave her spark of an idea, some energy and intensity to start her own business in 2016.

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Inspiration for Cooking

She was the Sous Chef in her family, always wanted to help her Dad in the Kitchen with his Asian inspired food, influences by his Mother. Anytime, her family would travel to Wisconsin to visit family friends, she was always in the kitchen to help make dinner, bake and assist with dishes afterwards.
Cooking more for her family and friends, creates a sense of comfort, love and care for her and whom ever she cooks for.


Inspiration for Baking

Her passion for baking started when she baked cookies and cakes with whom she calls Wisconsin Mom and your daughter.Almost every visit, ther was something sweet in the oven. Experimenting and reading at home, inspired her to bake healthier for people, and herself who had a sweet tooth. The light up grow of faces that people can still have a sweet treat,but healthier inspires for to create more baking recipies.

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Inspiration for Teaching

She took a class over a year ago and brought healthy sweet treats every week. After talking to the class on how she made those treats and seeing the positive reactions from her peers, a spark of a fellow friend said that she should consider teaching a class on how to bake healthier. Seeing the positive smiles and feedback inspires her to teach.

Making Apple Pie

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