• Miss Kari Millett

My First Expo was a Success!

Being that this was my 1st expo, I thought my table had good foot traffic and was beneficial obtaining new exposure for potential future clients. I met some wonderful people that seemed genuinely interested in my products and services, so I am grateful for them. I also praise how supportive and friendly the exhibitors and the SOBE 2017 crew were, a few giving me advice on how to promote my business.

I had crafted 300 Blueberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies in preparation for this event to give out as samples. I was thrilled to have received rave reviews and in learning that these cookies are kid-approved. One sweet lady commented that I should sell these cookies in Starbucks!

Overall, this was a great experience for me and my business. Much appreciation and gratitude towards Sherryln Thompson the SOBE 2017 Exhibitor Coordinator for allowing me to have a wonderful opportunity and experience. Thank you!

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